Fake Driver’s Ed = Real Sex Ed

People who have had driver’s education at any point, which is certainly a lot of people, might have a lot of awkward memories about it. They might remember the part where they tried to move the car when it was still in ‘park’ mode. They might remember suddenly driving on the left side of the road outside of England. Other people might have some memories of failed tests. One way or another, a real driving school is usually not a place that people remember fondly. It’s a good thing that this is a fake driving school.

This is specifically an adult driving school, in the sense that all of the models are legal adults over the age of eighteen and often well over the age of eighteen. It’s also ‘adult’ in the sense of that wonderful euphemism for ‘erotic’ that people are still using in the modern world. For a dollar, people can give this site a try as part of a brief trial membership. If they decide to stay, they will only have to pay less than twenty dollars a month. Compared to what people used to have to spend on specialty porn involving cars, that’s a huge bargain.

What’s New in Fake Driver’s Ed

This is a new website, so everything on the Fake Driving School site is completely new. People who watch these videos will be among the only people who have every watched them. This might make the videos that much better. People can pretend that they’re the only ones in the world who enjoy this sort of fake driving school porn, even though they’re clearly not.

Your driving skills are bad? Take a look what happens to students in FDS!

The models have experience prior to the Fake Driving School in almost all cases. Some of them have a lot of experience in the porn industry. Many of them have around five years or so, which is something. Some of the models really look like they’re typical for the porn industry. Others actually have a really down-to-earth look that plenty of people will appreciate. You can search for the videos you want based on the models that you really like, so you can see them in action specifically.

As for whether they really make this driving school look like a driving school, the answer is ‘no.’ Fortunately, people will figure this out right away. The people who were really looking for a fake driving school will be aware of the porn right away and they will be quickly told to leave if they’re not eighteen or twenty-one at least. The important thing is that the sex looks real.

Trying Fake Driver’s Ed

Some people will really like the fetishes on display in a site like this one. There’s something to be said for porn that tries to please a lot of people all around the world all at the same time. This site is not for everyone, but the beauty of Internet porn is that it doesn’t need to be for everyone. Plenty of people will really earn their membership on this site.


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