2018 TOP 3 Music Streaming Apps

Are you the ultimate music lover and you have already arrived in the 21st century, the land of an internet of things with reliable sources of internet connections? If you are those people with limited storage spaces, am sure streaming is your most preferred way of listening to your favorites jams.

Adult Video Streaming Series for 2018 – Bratty Sis

Bratty Sis Series
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Streaming has been preferred because it reduces piracy while the music owners can get something for their efforts. Another advantage of streaming is that the music songs are stored in the cloud and not in your phones storage or computer drive. However, this service mostly comes at a fee. This article will take you through the best 3 music streaming application.


Pandora is a music streaming application that works very well with an internet connection with little to no buffering. pandoraOnce you have the Pandora Application you are requested to register an account with them. Once you have registered with them you are able to access your account from any gadget with your login details.

This streaming application enables you to search for your favorite song through its name or the artist of the song. You can also bookmark as the App recommends you similar songs from the ones you listening to.


  • Only available in three countries thus Australia, the US, and New Zealand.
  • Lacks a family plan for Pandora Premium and Pandora plus.


Shazam is the British owned application which can is able to listen to the song in play as it tells you who the songs shazamname and artist. It also enables you to share your discovery, watch the songs video from YouTube, play its mp3 version in Spotify, getting tour information, creating a station in Pandora with the said artist as well as discography viewing.

Every song that Shazam spots is saved as a tag, the tags can be shared with friends as well as viewing their discoveries. Available in the following operating systems Android, windows, iPod touch, Blackberry and Nokia


  • Shazam is perfect for those after tagging tracks this is wont work well for music song aficionados like soundhound users who want each and every information about the song.


Spotify is an application that can enable you to follow music artist as well as syncing of music from your computer Spotifydesktop. It’s similar to the Pandora application as you are able to create your own radio station as it’s also able to recommend you songs to listen to depending on your previous interest.
With Spotify, you are kept on the alert for any new album or songs from any of the artists you listen to. You are also able to mark your favorite music or album.


  • Spotify scrapped off its own lyric feature.
  • Spotify is only in limited countries.

It’s no longer a speculation but an established fact that companies like Spotify, Shazam, and Pandora as well as the few others have survived in this young but tough industry. Due to the above more is expected from the streaming world.
More and more people are expected to migrate to streaming as it has many advantages to downloading song to your phone.


Hi, I’m an avid music fan and I’ve always loved music since I was 5 years old. I think I wanted to become a musician at some point in life but that is a story for another day. At 10 years I had this urge of having my favourite artiste’s album every time they released one and boy was it hard.