10 Internet Radio Stations You Should Be Listening To Right Now

Digital advancement has led to a rise in the number of internet radio stations that stream live music and cater to a variety of audiences. Let’s take a look at the list of some of the top digital radio stations that are taking the world by storm!


Based in Portland, the XRAY FM is a unique digital radio channel that features everything from talks, to music, to culture. What sets this channel apart from the other internet radio stations is the diversity in music that it offers. The channel focuses on playing eclectic music from all genres.

Radar Radio

A station with minimal investment, the Radar Radio from the UK stands out because of its aim to provide the next generation in music. The station boasts of an open minded team that calls the shots on the channel’s entertainment.


It may be an unexpected entry in this list, but the Los Angeles based Dublab stands out for its weird playlist that boasts of unique mixes. It is the perfect station for DJs to explore new music and mixes.

BBC Radio 6 Music

It may not be as famous as the renowned Radio 1 by the BBC, but the BBC Radio 6 Music makes itself heard with its fresh and innovative music. If you want to know what is the latest in music, then this is the channel for you!

Newtown Radio

If avant garde music is what you crave, then the Newton Radio is the best digital channel for you. The Brooklyn based internet radio offers the latest in the music world. Here you won’t be bored by the generic output of mainstream sounds. This makes it one of the best channels out there.


This New Jersey based digital radio station is possibly one of the most eclectic radio stations in the world. It does not only play great music, the channel also has some wonderful chat shows. Another interesting part about WFMU is that it is funded by the listeners.

Berlin Community Radio

The Berlin based channel is not meant for the masses. This experimental digital radio station is unique in terms of its music choice and it makes no bones about it. It caters to the local audience and is renowned for highlighting the art scene in the region.

Resonance FM

Based in London, the Resonance FM is another arts-based stations in this list. With its niche market, it is obvious that the channel does not have a mass following. But if class is what you are looking for, then this is where you should be!

Rinse FM

Incorporated in 1994, the Rinse FM is a London-based internet radio station which has a reputation for being one of the best stations for progressive club sounds. Here you can hear everything from, R&B, electronic, dance, hip hop and more.

NTS Radio

Based in the Dalston region of London, the NTS Radio Station had earned the reputation of being one of the best internet radio stations in a matter of 5 years. Established in 2011, the station offers diversity to the audiences.

Well with that our list comes to an end. Hope you enjoy listening to some of the best internet radio stations in the world and keep yourself updated!


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